Hostel, Hotel, and Airbnb: What is the difference?

Where to stay during your vacation is one of the most challenging decisions to make, not for lack of options but the many choices available. The quality of your stay and entire vacation depends mainly on the accommodation you will find.

Unfortunately, this article will not decide for you. However, the article will endeavor to make the process of making the decision easier for you.

Hostel, Hotel, and Airbnb: What is the difference?

Hotels, hostels, and Airbnbs are among the most popular places to stay during your vacation. These facilities have some fundamental differences and similarities that you should note. Each facility has unique features that will make or break your vacation.

In choosing the best among them, take note of three critical factors;

  • Cost/budget
  • Privacy
  • The People Factor

The Cost Factor

Going for a vacation sets you back a substantial amount of money; drawing a budget is therefore essential. A budget provides an outline of all expected expenses, not just the accommodation. A budget also sheds light on what you prepare to spend. With a budget in place, you are in a better position to find accommodation that best fits into your budget.

The increase in the number of hotels in most vacation destinations is a blessing in disguise for vacationers. You are likely to bump into segmented price hotels for your budget. The cost of hotel accommodation depends on factors such as location and amenities. Hotels on the ocean shore offer a magnificent view of the beach and will be pricey than one far from the beach.

Hostels are an excellent alternative if the hotels are a bit pricey and over your budget. Hostels do not offer personalized services like the one you would expect in a hotel. To make up for the deficiencies, hostels offer their guests amenities such as a kitchen and laundry. You cook your choice food and do your laundry, making your stay as homely as you like it.

Airbnb brings together various accommodation facilities, such as apartments and condos. You browse the preferred location and settle on the best fit in room size, price, and other parameters. Airbnb offers excellent accommodation in prime locations at a fraction of a hotel’s cost in the same location. However, personalized services may be unavailable, and scrolling the room images maybe a little hectic.

Privacy Factor

Different accommodation options accord different levels of privacy to their guests. For a hostel, privacy may not be a guarantee. Guests staying in a hostel share common areas such as the TV lounge, laundry area, and sometimes the kitchen. If privacy is important to you, you may have to forego staying in a hostel. However, some hostels have limited private rooms for early bookers.

You are likely to find privacy in hotels and, to some extent, in Airbnb. For the latter, you may reserve an entire place for your party which offers you and your group the privacy you need. In some Airbnbs, you will have to share the space with other guests or the place’s owner. Such an option is cheaper than taking the entire apartment. However, you will have to surrender a slice of your privacy.

A hotel provides the best option for privacy. With a private room at your disposal, you will enjoy being away from the public eye. The common areas of a hotel are not as crowded, unlike, say the hostel. Moreover, you can always have some services such as food and drinks brought to your room.

The People Factor

Part of the fun of vacations is the opportunity to meet new people and strike new friendships. Hotel, hostels, and Airbnbs offer diverse meet-the-people opportunities for vacationers. However, it all boils down to your personality and personal preferences.

Hostels and Airbnbs are brilliant options for finding kindred spirits. Hostels, especially, are melting pots of great conversations. If you are on a solo vacation, putting up in a hostel will fire you up as you mingle with other guests.

Airbnb offers vacationers a taste of life as experienced in the local scene. If you are lucky to find an excellent host, you will swiftly get familiar with the neighborhood, its people, and places to visit. Immersing yourself in the local culture is a novel way of adding fun to your whole vacation experience.

You will find people in a hotel, but the spontaneity of interaction in a hotel is wanting. Hotels offer a more structured mingling platform, with guests holed up in their rooms most of the time. The time spent in common areas is hardly sufficient to strike deep, personal interactions. And when they arise, they are superficial.

5 Tips to Save Money on Hotels, Hostels, and Airbnb

Accommodation makes up a large chunk of vacation fixed costs. Saving a random buck makes a considerable difference in the long run. Here are a few tips to achieve that;

  • Consider a wide range of accommodation options; the more, the better
  • Take advantage of comparison sites
  • Enroll for loyalty programs and redeem the points in future vacations
  • Take a vacation in off-peak season
  • Make an early booking and get early bird discounts

Best Luggage for Hotel, Hostels, and Airbnbs

When packing for your vacation, knowing where to stay is just as important as knowing what to carry.

A travel backpack is the most appropriate luggage for Airbnb and the hostel. These places are highly likely to be missing an elevator. In its place, you are most likely to face a long, winding staircase. A backpack will save you the trouble of dragging wheeled luggage.

Most hotels will have an elevator, making the wheeled luggage easier to drag around. Avoid luggage frustration by packing luggage by matching the place with the right luggage.

Final Word

The decision on where to stay for your vacation is an essential aspect of the entire travel itinerary. Book a place that guarantees you value for money. Remember, you can save up to 15% when booking with Choice Hotels. To get the most of your vacation, visit us today for the best deals on travel and accommodation.



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