7 Creative Money-Saving Tips for Future Travel

We’ll travel again soon, and when that day comes, these seven creative money-saving tactics will leave you more than prepared for your next big adventure (and now is the perfect time to employ them). Bonus: Even just thinking about a future vacation can alleviate stress and give you something to look forward to. Here’s how you can save a little cash now for the future.

1.    Get Yourself Not One, but Two Credit Cards

Card VectorApply for both a travel rewards card and a cash back card and use their bonuses and rewards to your advantage. Many of the best travel rewards cards offer up to 60,000 points for a specified amount of spending in the first few months. That’s a complimentary plane ticket for purchasing everyday items within your budget like groceries (depending on the card you pick). Then, use your cash back card for the purchases that aren’t covered by your travel rewards card. Discover it Cash Back offers 5% cash back on different purchases each quarter like groceries, restaurants, gas, etc. Make sure before you invest in credit cards, you are able to make the payments on the cards and build you credit, too.

2.    Pick Up Instead

These fees are sneaky and can really make a dent in your bank account. Throw on gloves and a mask and use this opportunity to get outside while saving on steep delivery fees, ruling out an extra person’s germs, and getting your food faster. Win, win, win!

3.    Use an Automated Savings App

Every time you use your debit card or withdraw money from your checking account, Qapital automatically rounds up to the amount you disclose and adds those extra funds to your savings account. There are other apps available for you to use to help keep track of your spendings.

4.    Join NMC Shield and Use NMC Rewards

When you’re ready to travel again, NMC Rewards helps you scale down your travel expenses with 40% off 13,000 hotels and condos around the world.

Man making coffee with dogs watching

5.    Try Make-it-Myself Monday.

You’re not going to like this one, but you know those afternoon coffees, sunny-day sundaes, and virtual happy hour brews? We’re not saying quit cold turkey but think about scaling back. If you usually have two beers, limit yourself to one. Start with one latte a day, or if you typically sip on one every morning, try “Make-it-Myself Monday.” Save the extra $7 for three beachfront Margaritas in Cancun.

6.    Turn Your Friends into Family

Cancel your individual subscriptions, corral your friends, and purchase a family plan where they’re available. Most streaming websites offer these plans, which are more cost effective in the long run.

7.    Purchase Your Plane Tickets Today

Plane Ticket VectorsAirfares are plummeting with our current economic climate, and there’s nothing wrong with using that to your advantage. In fact, we encourage it. The airlines could use your help and your bank account will thank you too. If you’re not purchasing your flight through your travel rewards card, check out Skyscanner. This flight-finder allows you to search for your destination’s cheapest month or the cheapest destination based on your desired travel dates.


So, you did it!

– you saved, and your bank account is happy. Now what? NMC offers access to a multitude of online trip planning resources for you to peruse and eventually create a bespoke adventure you’re excited about. Visit nmc.com for more information.


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