Identity Theft Resolution: What is it?

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Many people are at risk of identity theft. According to the FCC, over 3.2 million identity theft cases were reported in 2019 alone. However, that’s only a fraction, as over 13 million people are reported to have suffered from identity theft. It is a fast-growing crime that’s leading to a loss of billions every year. Despite all that, there is a way to protect yourself from this form of fraud.

Whether it’s the misuse of ID card or unauthorized use of your SSN details, identity theft can be detrimental. The Identity Theft Resolution helps you recover from fraud. It minimizes liability in case of identity theft-related fraud.

What is Identity Theft Resolution?

Identity Theft Resolution is a protection program that shields you from the effects of fraud. It saves you from losses, crime implications, and helps safeguard your reputation. This program offers the following;

Proactive Services

What would happen if you lost your wallet today? Possibly, a criminal would end up using your cards and identification documents to commit fraud. If these were stolen from you, the chances are that the thief wants to commit fraud using your details.

Identity Theft Resolution offers proactive services anytime you feel vulnerable or susceptible to fraud. An experienced fraud specialist places a free alert on your behalf and guides you appropriately. This alert might involve blocking bank cards, notifying authorities, or even creating mass awareness to people who might fall victim to fraud.

Proactive protection is essential even before any fraud happens. In most cases, this strategy helps prevent real crime from happening. Also, it puts you in a better position to salvage yourself should any fraud happen.

Resolution Services

In the event of identity theft, you have to come out clean and explain your case to authorities. The whole process can be daunting, tiresome, and time-consuming. In this case, a specialist handles the fraud case on your behalf, taking off the burden from you.

This service is designed to help you regain control over your finances and a good name in case of identity theft. Here are some ways in which specialists help resolve fraud;

  • Preparation of notification letters to debt collectors and creditors
  • Working together with anti-fraud agencies and investigators
  • Stopping charges and bills on your accounts
  • Handling disputes
  • Motivating investigative work

With our resolution services, handling a fraud case becomes easier. Also, any other victims involved get one year of free fraud-monitoring tools.

Document Replacement Assistance

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Have you ever lost all of your documents? Well, having to replace documents can be tedious and demoralizing. Whether it’s a driving license, passport, or bank cards, it is always challenging.

Identity Theft Resolution helps replace destroyed or stolen documents. It works on your behalf to help get your documents hassle-free. It saves time, money, and some frustrations that might come your way.

Access to Identity Protection Tips and Tools

Besides helping during fraud situations, Identity Theft Resolution extends to safeguard your family. It offers tips on how to keep your family safe.

This program does the following;

  • Offers tips on how to prevent identity theft
  • Advises people on what do in the event of loss of identity documents
  • Provides timely updates on identity theft and fraud

Basically, it creates awareness and reduces the likelihood of fraud and identity theft.

Benefits of Identity Theft Resolution

Identity theft has become rampant in recent years. As the digital age continues to flourish, so does fraud. Identity theft protection is now mandatory if you want to secure your personal details and information from fraudsters.

Here are some of the benefits of identity theft;

Faster Fraud Case Processing

Identity theft protection agents act fast to initiate security freezes and alerts following the fraud. This is essential as it prevents more damage from happening, as well as protecting would-be victims. The faster the agent acts, the lower the loss.

Agents are trained to work swiftly to curb fraud. With this protection, the issuance of security alerts and freezes happens swiftly, unlike handling it personally. Besides, agents have contacts with anti-fraud agencies who help prevent the extent of the fraud.

Seamless Monitoring

Lady Helping with Cyber SecurityIn some instances, identity theft might happen without your knowledge. This can be detrimental to your credit reports and might cause heavy losses.

With identity theft protection, your information is always under monitoring. This helps ensure that no unseen fraud might occur.

This protection comes with a timely review of your personal data files to help detect any likelihood of fraud. Also, you get advice on how to protect yourself from identity theft.

Saves You From Jail Term

Did you know that you might face significant incarceration due to identity theft? Severe identity theft cases end up in penalties, several years in prison, or hefty fines. This occurs when your personal details are used to commit a crime.

Identity Theft Resolution saves you from criminal proceedings. Our proactive services help initiate the alerts as soon as documents are lost. This is essential just in case your information ends up in the hands of criminals. With pre-issued alerts, it’s easier to prove your case.

Man Helping Women on ComputersFaster Document Recovery

If you have ever lost your documents, then you know the hustle of getting them back. Replacing documents might take a lot of time, leading undesired inconveniences. Identity Theft Resolution works on your behalf to ensure that you recover documents quickly.

Motivates Investigative Work

Fraud investigation might take much time, ruining your chances of loss recovery. With this protection, anti-fraud agents make the follow-up on your behalf. You don’t have to waste time doing follows up with the police or investigative authorities.

Saves You From Bad Credit

In case someone steals your SSN details and opens accounts in your name without paying, it might ruin your credit history. This can hurt your job prospects as well as impact your ability to secure credit. If undetected, it might

In case of fraud, Identity Theft Resolution moves on to clear your name. It notifies both the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Social Security Administration. This is followed by frequent credit report checks to detect any active accounts associated with your SSN.

Safeguards Your Reputation

Identity theft can ruin your reputation massively. And if there’s something hard to get back, it’s a good name. This protection helps prevent possible thefts that might otherwise ruin your name.

Why is Identity Theft Resolution the Ultimate Fraud Protection?

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We offer all services that you might need in case of fraud. Identity Theft Resolution is both proactive and active, in the sense that it covers you from possible fraud as well as after actual fraud occurrence.

Our membership gives you access to premier identity theft resolution services such as Lifestages and CyberScout. This benefit not only helps you deal with identity theft, but it also reduces your vulnerability to fraud.

Sign up today to access the Identity Benefit Resolution benefits.

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