Legal Club Benefit: What Is It?

Men shaking handsFounded in 1956, the National Motor Club of America, INC (NMC) is a top provider of roadside assistance to thousands of members across the United States. Although emergency roadside assistance proves to be the most popular service offered by the NMC, a membership comes with a plethora of other benefits like identity theft resolution, personal accident coverage, vision and prescription savings and even online discounts. Specific membership benefits and services; however, are determined based on the plan chosen by each member. Those who are considering joining the NMC can opt for one of five plans: Security Basic, Security Protection, Security Plus, Security Premier and Security Shield. Those who are part of the Security Shield plan; however, have the unique advantage of the Legal Club Benefit.

What is the Legal Club Benefit?

The Legal Club Benefit provides members and their families with access to a network of qualified attorneys for all their legal needs at a discounted rate, whether the services are planned or completely unexpected. While it is not a form of insurance, it does allow members to receive the legal services that they need at a steeply discounted price, saving them hundreds or thousands of dollars over the legal fees incurred by non-members.

The Legal Club Benefit offers a guaranteed discount schedule for the following services:
Traffic Ticket Defense

Security Clipboard VectorEven the safest and most experienced drivers can receive a traffic ticket unexpectedly. Whether you are accused of speeding, illegal parking or running a red light, the fines can be hefty, and you could potentially face a license suspension. Likewise, a traffic ticket can drastically inflate the cost of your car insurance premiums. If you opt to fight the ticket, it is wise to consult the assistance of an attorney who specializes in traffic ticket defense. The cost of hiring an attorney for this purpose is typically hundreds of dollars, but with the Legal Club Benefit the discounted rate is just $89.

Name Change

Couple signing documentWhether a name change is desired after marriage, divorce, for a child or any other reason, the process can be confusing and time consuming. Members that opt into the Legal Club Benefit can streamline the name change legalities by working with an attorney who specializes in name changes. Typically, this would cost around $400, but members receive the service for only $155.

Non-Support (Spousal or Child)

Child with parent vectorAnother unexpected event in life is the need to pursue legal action for non-support, whether spousal or child support, or to defend one’s self against it. At a time when funds are already lacking, it can be cause excessive financial burden to have to pay on average $1,490 to seek the services of a professional attorney who specializes in family law. By being a member of the NMC’s Security Shield plan, you can rest assured that you will get the price on an attorney with a discounted rate of a mere $275.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is something that no one ever anticipates. Unfortunately, millions of Americans find themselves making the decision to file each year. At this point, the last thing that a person needs is to pay excessive legal fees to have their financial dilemmas resolved. Instead of the average of $1,500, those who are covered under this benefit pay around $750.

Simple Will with Trust

Signing paper vectorCreating a Will is an essential part of adulthood. Whether you currently have one in place that needs modified or have never written an official Will, there are legal fees associated with the process to ensure that it is legally valid. Having a simple will with trust drafted by an attorney can cost upwards of $500, but for this necessary service, as a member, you pay less than half of the standard price.


Simple Divorce

Going through a divorce is both emotionally and financially draining. It is another point in life that no one anticipates but sadly, it occurs approximately 876,000 times each year. For cases of simple divorce, where both parties agree to the terms of their divorce in terms of dividing assets and child custody agreements, parties can expect to pay $1,100 or more. With access to a network of qualified attorneys, the cost drops down to just $275.

Regular Incorporation

Businesses vector

Those who own a small business or aspire to become a business owner understand the importance of forming a corporation. This is because it can spare you from personally being held responsible for business debts. The process of regular incorporation is not always a simple one and many can benefit from the expertise of an attorney. On average, this guidance would cost $585 or more, but members can embrace the assistance for $295.

Personal Real Estate Closing

Closing on a new home is perhaps one of the most joyous reasons one may require the assistance of an attorney. It is an expense that is generally expected for those who plan to be homeowners in the future but nevertheless, it can be costly. Instead of shelling out around $700 during a time when you are already paying for inspections and relocation, those who opt for coverage under the Security Shield plan by NMC pay a rate of $250  to cover the costs of an attorney to close on a property.

Working with phone and computerReap the Rewards of Legal Club Benefits!

Other rewarding features of the Security Shield plan include home lock-out assistance, trip planning, discounted dental plans, stole vehicle rewards, bail bonds, global emergency services, identity theft resolution and prescription discounts. If you are interested in learning more about the National Motor Club of America’s Security Shield Plan with Legal Club Benefits, contact us today to learn more or join online now.



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