5 Tips to Help Keep Your Family Safe on the Road


Need a quick refresher when it comes to keeping yourself and your family safe in the car? NMC has your back with these simple but extremely important tips.

1 – Drive Distraction-Free!

Do Not DisturbNo one can stress enough how important it is to drive distraction-free. When you’re behind the wheel, put your phone away! Did you know that most mobile phones have a ‘Do Not Disturb Mode’? We recommend using this function while driving so that you aren’t even tempted to respond to messages while driving? There is no reason to put yourself, your family or other drivers on the road in danger to send a text message – It can wait!


2 – Check the WeatherChecking Weather on phone

Whether there is snow, rain or even sunshine, the weather does affect your vehicle and the way you drive! It also affects the way other drivers on the road are moving and the traffic you’ll hit on your way. Summer heat puts extra pressure on your engine so you’ll need to maintain your vehicle’s cooling system, extreme cold dramatically lowers your tire pressure and slow your car’s reaction time, and rain decreases your visibility and road traction. Be sure to plan accordingly around bad weather conditions and heavy traffic to avoid putting yourself in a messy situation.

3 – Get Regular Car Inspections/Upkeep your Vehicle

Checking Car under the hoodGetting regular car inspections is important (and the law), but it’s also important to keep up with your car on a more regular basis! Be sure to pay attention to things like your tire pressure, oil quality, cooling system, and brake pads to ensure your car is in tip-top shape to transporting your friends and loved ones.


4 – Obey the Law!

Gavel We won’t attempt to re-list everything they taught you in Driver’s Ed and Defensive Driving courses, but it really is important to follow the law and be aware of your surroundings. Use your turn signals, pay attention to street signs and lights, monitor the actions of other drivers, and stay within the speed limit. There is no better way to drive safely than to obey the very laws that were created in order to keep you safe!

5 – Stay Calm

We’ve all experienced our fair-share of road rage but it’s important to keep yourself calm and collected – especially when drivers around you may be experiencing frustration too. Take a moment to breathe and forgive that guy who just completely cut you off… It’ll be okay!


Caution signWhen it comes to keeping you and your family safe, NMC is here to provide you with the coverage and resources to protect you when you need it the most with as little hassle as possible. Our most benefit-rich plan, Security Shield, goes far beyond roadside assistance, offering you access to benefits that provide safety, security, and savings. Click here to learn more and join NMC today!



Thanks for your kind words!

“Anytime I have had to use my NMC membership for roadside assistance they have always been professional. They are helpful and they make sure my service has arrived during the time promised. I was not at the safest location and the operator stayed on the phone with me until my service provider showed up. I have been a member for almost 20 yrs and plan to be with them 20 more. Thank you for all that you do!” -Juanita C.

“I have had nothing but good experience in using NMC. Thank you for your service.” -Steven R.

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